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Otsego Student Health Center

Providing access to quality healthcare for medical and mental health needs
at a time that’s convenient for your child and family.

Artist Rendering of Student Health Center

Otsego Public Schools is proud to be the first district in Allegan County to house an on-site Student Health Center. This facility eliminates the barrier of access to essential and quality healthcare for many of our families. Planning for this facility began In February 2023 when Otsego Public Schools received a Child and Adolescent Health Center Program Planning Grant worth $25,000 from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. An additional $400,000 in grant dollars has made this plan become a reality. With the help of our CAHC Community Advisory Council, InterCare Community Health Services, and TMP architects, the OPS team has completed its planning and development of the facility and is ready for implementation.


Why a Student Health Center?
A needs assessment uncovered key data that could be addressed with an on-site student health center. Through research and feedback sessions with our Community Advisory Council and Student Advisory Councils (6th-12th grade) priorities were identified where current health and behavioral healthcare for school-aged children could be improved. They selected the top three: well-child/preventive & primary care, mental health, and health literacy for caregivers and students. Students voiced that they would be thrilled not to have to travel outside the community for medical appointments or sports physicals.

Access was the main area of need identified; limited access to healthcare in our community was the greatest challenge for our target population. A Child and Adolescent Health Center at OPS would be the only health center of its kind in Allegan County. The nearest such facility is Battle Creek to the southeast, Grand Rapids to the north and Bangor to the southwest. 

About the Otsego Student Health Center

Otsego’s Student Health Center is a partnership with InterCare promoting the health of children, adolescents, and their families by providing important primary, preventative, and early intervention healthcare services, including:

  • primary care
  • preventative care
  • comprehensive health assessment
  • vision and hearing screening
  • immunization
  • treatment of acute illness
  • co-management of chronic illness
  • health education
  • mental health care

These integrated primary care and mental health centers serve youth and adolescents ages 3-21 in schools. The Otsego Student Health Care is staffed by InterCare healthcare professionals and include a medical provider, therapist and support staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Needs Assessment exercise brought clarity to the need to improve healthcare and mental healthcare accessibility in our community and across Allegan County. A CAHC installed in OPS would offer supports to address community healthcare and mental/behavioral healthcare priorities.”


Parent/Guardian Consent Form

A student must have a signed consent form on file in order to be seen, but you can submit that now!

You only need to fill it out once in order for your child to be seen at the Otsego Student Health Center.

Print this out and return it to your child's school office.