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Otsego Virtual Academy


Otsego Virtual Academy provides a flexible online classroom experience that values learners’ unique needs, promotes critical thinking and problem solving, builds collaborative and social connections and provides a pathway to graduation.

Otsego Virtual Academy is a new direction in virtual education, launching from what we've learned since March 2020. In a pandemic, learning in a virtual platform became necessary; but what we learned is that the virtual platform creates an opportunity for Otsego Public Schools to, once again, be innovative and lead the way to offer families and students something different. We also now realize that virtual learning is a way of the future. This allows us to take our expectations of excellence into a new realm, and advance this way of learning to meet students' needs.

Otsego Virtual  Academy ... 

  • Allows your student to work at their own pace
  • Provides a flexible structure for students and families
  • Provides a different learning environment
  • Meets unique learning needs, individual situations
  • Provides the setting your child needs to learn at their best
  • Expands course opportunities at higher levels
  • Welcomes students/families into the OPS community - connection to the OPS community

At OVA, you are an OPS Student. You can...

  • Participate in our athletic programs (Per MHSAA guidelines)
  • Participate in our clubs such as:
    • Robotics Teams
    • Writing club
    • Art club
    • National Honor Society
    • Purple Committee
  • Participate in on campus electives or core classes
    • Band
    • Choir
    • World Languages
    • AP classes
    • Intro to Engineering
    • Computer Science/Programming
  • Participate in honors ceremonies
    • Graduate with distinction
    • 5th grade recognition
    • Swing out

Virtual learning is different from being in a classroom in person. It takes a different mindset from the student and family to adjust to this new type of instructional delivery. Some traits to consider about your child: 

  • Is your child a Strong Reader?
  • Does your child have strong Communication Skills?
  • Does your child love to learn?
  • Can your child create and stick to a schedule? That can be one that works for him/her
  • Does your child have stamina for Learning? Some days are longer than others.
  • Does your child have a Supportive Learning Guide at home? This can be a parent, tutor, older sibling, etc. Younger learners especially will need support at home.

OVA Student Handbook