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School Hours / Info

aerial view of OPS main campus

Contact Information

Otsego Virtual Academy
501 Grant St.

School Hours

Regular School Day:

Alamo Elementary:   8:30am - 3:53pm
Dix Street Elementary:    8:20am - 3:43pm
Washington Street Elementary:    8:30am - 3:53pm
Otsego Middle School:    7:45am - 2:46pm
Otsego High School:    7:45am - 2:46pm
Learn 'n Grow Elementary (varies depending on program)

Delayed Start Wednesdays:

Alamo Elementary:    10:00am - 3:53pm
Dix Street Elementary:    9:50am - 3:43pm
Washington Street Elementary:    10:00am - 3:53pm
Otsego Middle School:    9:15am - 2:46pm
Otsego High School:    9:15am - 2:46pm