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collage of photos of kindness activities from story

Everywhere you look at OMS there are positive messages encouraging kindness. Kindness is the Capturing Kids’ Hearts Leadworthy Character Word of the Month and students and staff are embracing its power to the fullest! Here are a few ways our students were embracing kindness this week.

Caught in the Act! 

Students were telling on their friends - in a good way! Each day at lunch, students could fill out a card that shares a random act of kindness that they witnessed. The principal shares 3 of them each day in the announcements. Kids love this activity - there were 50 entries in one day!

Taking the Be Nice Pledge

This week students were encouraged to take the pledge to Be NICE. NICE is an acronym for: Noticing when a classmate needs help, Inviting that person into a conversation or activity, Challenging themselves to do the right thing and Empowering others to do the same. OMS is a Be NICE building and our students are proudly engaged in the process! 

The Answer is Kindness

When faced with a tough problem, kindness can always be part of the answer. Just ask math teacher Mrs. Sokoloski, who made kindness part of her class all this week! There’s been a kindness quote of the day and an activity. They wrote haikus on kindness, made a kindness contract; a kindness quilt, and wrote KIND acrostic poems. To round out the week, students thought of 12 acts of kindness they could do and complete by the end of the school year to keep the kindness going! #OtsegoPride

Bringing generations together through kindness

OMS Be NICE student leaders spent some time with our senior group this week explaining what Be NICE is, engaging in a get-to-know-you activity to show how kindness spreads, then making Valentines to lift up others together. The seniors also had an opportunity to sign up to be pen pals with our Be NICE students. NICE stands for Notice, Invite, Challenge, Empower.

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