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bulletin board where kids share future plans

By: Sydney Grile, OHS Junior

Oh, the places we’ll go! That’s the senior bulletin feature at OHS that went on display this fall but the 2nd annual College/Career Week. For the 2nd year, Otsego High School put on this week where students explore many different career choices to help them prepare and start thinking about their plans after high school. 

Monday of that week was “College Conversation Day”, each teacher shared their career paths with their students; the highs and lows of the experiences they had while working toward their profession. Along with this, students began a series of lessons on a new program to Otsego called Xello, which gives students a realistic view into what types of career pathways they may want to pursue after high school. Xello has students take different tests that find students' strengths and weaknesses, what type of learning style they have, and other types of aptitude tests to give them a big picture of where they may want to be headed.  This helps students plan what classes they may want to take in high school and/or if they want to get into other programs such as the Allegan Area Tech Center, Dual Enrollment or Early College as a junior or senior. 

Tuesday was “What’s Your Plan Day” where seniors were encouraged to share their future plans, colleges where they’ve applied or jobs they’re pursuing. 

Wednesday was “Career Pathway Day” where teachers spent time talking about the subjects they teach and potential career fields within those subject areas. This is when students also started learning about the 16 Career Clusters and which ones they might want to pursue. 

Thursday was “College/Career Quiz Day” - this was a fun quiz where students worked together to try and guess fun facts about their teachers before they came to OHS. 

Friday was “College T-Shirt Day” where staff and students wore a shirt representing their favorite team or school, or anything that represents their after-graduation plans like trade school, military brand or company in the workforce.

This year's college/career week was very successful and with the addition of Xello, it gave students some excitement and determination for their future after high school. Be sure to ask your kids about it!

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