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Otsego Public Schools Transportation
Hours: 6:00am - 9:00am, 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Bus Passes

All transportation change requests for elementary students must go through the elementary offices. For student irregularities, such as drop-off location changes, or to have a friend ride home with your child, the secretary must issue a pass. Notes from parents will not be accepted by eh bus drivers. Bus drivers will only accept passes from elementary offices. 


All students who live within the Otsego public School district lines are eligible to ride the bus and we encourage students to take advantage of this resource. If you are a School of Choice family and wish to have transportation to school, call our office to find out the closest group stop to your location. It will be in the Otsego district.

Bus Stop Locations

Our Transportation Department establishes group stops for students who live within Otsego city limits. Bus stops for students outside city limits will be established as close as possible to a child's home, but visibility and safety factors are taken into consideration. Your child's bus stop might be a little further away from your driveway due to safety concerns. Stops at daycare locations can be arranged if they are along already established routes. Schools of Choice students may also ride the bus by finding the nearest, or a convenient, bus stop in district. 

Loading and Unloading

The Otsego Transportation Department uses signs to communicate with students that it is safe to cross the street to get on the bus. While it is the law that all traffic in both directions stops while buses are loading and unloading, our drivers check the area first, then signal to students when it is clear. If the driver holds up a paddle showing a red octagon, that tells children it is not yet safe to cross; they must wait at the side of the road until the paddle is switched to a yellow smiley face. the smiley face signals that it is safe to cross. 

Bus Identity

Otsego buses are numbered, but are also identified with an animal. This is easier for children to remember. All kindergarten riders receive a tag with their bus number, animal identifier and their bus stop location. This should be pinned to their backpack.


Carrie Barnhart-Root, Transportation Supervisor

Transportation Staff