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Facilities & Operations

Otsego Public Schools is fortunate to have a supportive community that invests in our students and our facilities growing the pride we all share in our hometown. We do not take the generosity and steadfast investment of the Otsego community lightly. Below are several projects that are only made possible with the support of the Otsego community. Thank you!

May 2020 Bond

In May 2020, our community approved a bond that provided the district with $22.9 million dollars for various facility improvements and a new aquatic facility to replace our aging, 50-year-old pool. This bond replaced the Building & Site Sinking Fund to expand and complete projects on the facilities assessments. This extensive proposal spans six years and will be completed in three series. Plans are listed below.

*Please note that due to rising costs, plans within each series may need to be adjusted.

New Pool Concept Drawings

front view drawing of new pool
back side drawing of new pool building
wide front view drawing of new pool
drawing of inside view of new pool
inside view drawing of new pool

Series I - Completed during the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years, focusing on:

  • Alamo Elementary - Playground Improvement - Under Construction  

  • Dix Street Elementary - Playground Improvement - Completed 

  • Washington Street Elementary - Playground Improvement  - Completed 

  • High School - Aquatic Center Construction - Under Construction 

  • Washington Street HVAC - Completed 

    • Boilers Replaced

    • Center classroom, cafeteria, media center and gymnasium air handlers replaced

  • Interior LED Lighting

    • Alamo - Completed

    • Dix, Washington Street, Bus Garage, West Campus, and Middle School - Summer 22

Series II - Completed during the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years, focusing on:

  • Alamo Elementary 

    • Roofing 

    • New Classroom Unit Ventilators 

    • Classroom Window Improvements 

    • Cafeteria and Gymnasium Air Conditioning

  • Dix Street Elementary

    • Roofing 

    • Classroom Window Improvements 

    • Selective Replacement of Exterior Doors and Frames

    • Cafeteria and Gymnasium Air Conditioning

  • Washington Street Elementary

    • Replace Interior Door Slabs 

  • Middle School

    • Replace Lockers 

    • Cafeteria and Gymnasium Air Conditioning  

  • High School - Replace Stadium Track Surface

Series 3 - Completed during the 2025-26 and 2026-27 school years, focusing on: 

  • Washington Street Elementary

    • Reconfigure Pool Area to become Multipurpose Room 

    • Remodel Student and Staff Restrooms 

  • High School

    • Construction of Stadium Storage 

  • West Campus

    • Laundry Facilities 

  • Transportation Facility

    • Replacement of Site Lighting and Poles

Bond-Issued Extension

In November of 2017, Otsego Public Schools embarked on two major milestones in our education. Voters' approval of a Bond-Issued Extension, which was a zero mill increase on taxes, resulted in more than $6 million and allowed the District to build, and therefore expand, our early childhood education opportunities and go 1:1 for K-12 providing each student with their own device for a unique digital learning experience for students.

The Learn 'n Grow  Early Childhood Education Center opened in the fall of 2019 with a 61% increase in enrollment from the prior year. We are thrilled be able to help our youngest learners gain a great educational foundation in a nature-based environment at our new preschool building. 

1:1 technology has helped students prepare for the digital world around them and brought new, engaging, interactive instruction into the classroom. Online learning and resources also allow for a high level of collaboration between students and staff and gives them an expanded platform for creation, project-based learning.

Building & Site Sinking Fund

In March of 2016, Otsego voters approved a 5-year, 1 mill increase to establish a Building and Site Sinking Fund focused on three things: 

  • Safety & Security
  • Facility Improvements 
  • Energy Efficiencies

This fund brings in approximately $450,000 each year, allowing us to start working on Priority 1 projects identified in a 2015 facility assessment. We are currently in Year 4 of the five-year plan. Below is a list of the projects that have been completed so far. 

Year 1 Projects 

  • Secure Vestibule (buzzer entry system) at Alamo Elementary, Dix Street Elementary, Washington Street Elementary, Otsego Middle School and Otsego High School. 
  • HVAC upgrades at Washington Street Elementary
  • Replacement of kindergarten room windows at WSE
  • Resurfaced the tennis courts

Year 2 Projects 

  • Secure, keypad entrance system installed at all elementary schools for BASE families
  • Secure Vestibule (buzzer entry system) installed at West Campus High School and the Administration Office
  • Installation of fencing at all elementary playgrounds (response to community forums)
  • Precast stone repair at Otsego High School
  • Savings for Otsego Middle School roof restoration

Year 3 Project 

  • Roof restoration at Otsego Middle School

Year 4 Projects

  • Boiler at Washington Street Elementary (work slated for summer 2020)
  • Bulldog Stadium turf replacement
Nathon Jepkema

Nathon Jepkema

Director of Operations

Bid Opportunities

Student Health Center

Otsego Elem & MS - Steel Bid Package

  • Alamo Elementary School Renovations
  • Dix Elementary School Renovations
  • Washington Elementary School Renovations (No RTU Steel Here)
  • Middle School Renovations

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