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Otsego Public Schools, as mandated by the State of Michigan, has developed a core curriculum at all school levels. Outcomes to be achieved by all students have been defined based upon the district's educational mission, student performance objectives, Common Core State Standards, the Michigan Grade Level Content expectations for K-8 students and the Michigan High School Content Expectations for 9-12th grades.

31aa Funding

Please look at the information below on Behavioral and School Safety programming used with 31aa funding. There is a Community Presentation and a form where we'd like your feedback! Thank you! 

Community Presentation

Community Feedback Form

Curriculum Resources

(If you are unable to access the information in these links, please contact Mrs. Kortlandt for more information.)

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at Otsego

Otsego is deeply invested in a process that is considered best practice in education today which is organizing Professional Learning Communities, or PLCs. PLC teams are school improvement teams. They are an effective means of monitoring student growth so teachers can adjust instruction and create interventions to ensure individual student learning. 

Delayed Starts

To further support the PLC process and student success, Otsego Public Schools has implemented delayed start dates for all of our students. Almost every Wednesday, school begins 90 minutes later to allow teachers time to work in their Professional Learning Community teams. Childcare is open for our students during this time. 

Annual Notice to Parent/Guardian of 10th-12th Graders: 

A personal curriculum can be requested to waive some requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum required for graduation in order to accelerate a student beyond the requirements quicker or modify for special needs. If you feel you may need to request a personal curriculum, please contact the high school guidance office at 269-694-7410.