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Student Support Services

Behavior and Social-Emotional Systems of Support
The Counseling & Guidance page has been updated to reflect the broader scope of the systems of support that are in place for Otsego students.
Otsego Public Schools’ Student Support Services (SSS) team is composed of counselors, social workers, behavioral specialists and a psychologist along with other support personnel. The focus of the SSS team is to help students navigate the social/emotional/behavioral challenges associated with their developmental ages. The SSS team can help students with tangible needs such as clothing, food, and community resources; they can also help with everything from mental health needs to friendship issues.
Meet the SSS Team
Meg Takace
Meg Takace,
Social Worker
Michael Pavona
Michael Pavona,
Social Worker
Angela Bender
Angela Bender,
Middle School    
Anna Starr
Anna Starr,
Social Worker
Melissa Garrett
Melissa Garrett,
Student Support Specialist
High School    
Katie Boelman
Katie Boelman,
Social Worker
Michelle Wrenfrow
Michelle Wrenfrow,
Guidance Counselor
Chelsea Williams
Chelsea Williams,
Guidance Counselor
District Support Team    
Alice Hoekstra, PhD
Alice Hoekstra, PhD,
Dir. of Special Education
Mark Rollandini, PhD
Mark Rollandini, PhD,
Dir. of MTSS
Meg Takace
Sarah Maxwell,
MS/HS Therapist
Aimee Beehler
Aimee Beehler,
District Psychologist
Libby Decot
Libby Decot,
Speech & Language Pathologist
Tonya Jazayari
Tonya Jazayari,
Speech & Language Pathologist
Karlee Junkins
Karlee Junkins,
Occupational Therapist


A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a comprehensive framework which includes a collection of research-based strategies in the areas of instruction, behavior, and social - emotional learning designed to meet individual student needs and the whole child.


Academic Systems of Support Team

Heather Kortlandt
Heather Kortlandt,
Dir. of Instruction
Mark Rollandini, PhD
Mark Rollandini, PhD,
Dir. of MTSS
Gina Watson
Gina Watson,
Literacy Coach
Elementary / Middle School
Courtney Heibel
Courtney Heibel,
Reading Specialist (WSE)
Sara Jewett
Sara Jewett,
Reading Specialist (DSE)
Ashley Leneway
Ashley Leneway,
ELA Specialist (OMS)