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4th Graders Think Energy

Science for 4th graders is all about energy right now and they had some fun learning a little bit more from the Consumers Energy Think Energy education program. Mary and Anne put a lot of fun into the program where kids learn about energy (kinetic and potential), energy resources (renewable and nonrenewable,) electrical circuits and ways to save energy. One of the best moments of the presentation is when students can see that they can be a conductor for electricity. They all join hands with a battery-operated bar and see that when the circuit is closed, it lights up. They also learn that other items can be conductors, like tin foil, and some materials can’t, such as paper.

Each student goes home with an entire kit of energy-saving items like an LED light bulb, faucet aerators, shower head and more! If their parents complete a survey, each classroom is eligible for a $100 classroom grant, too.

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