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Alamo’s DI Team Heads to Globals

The Alamo Elementary Destination Imagination (DI) team is headed to a global competition this May. After a 1st place finish at State, the students earned their spot on this international stage. They’ll spend five days on the campus of the University of Tennessee. There is one day of competition, but several other days of workshops and activities where they’ll get to learn and get to get to meet kids from all over the country and world.


They chose the Fine Arts Challenge for competition this year. They must be creative to design a set and do a little acting and singing. The challenge is called “Change of Tune” so the kids have to write a 2-act musical that includes a change in plans. They must include music and lyrics that enhance the storytelling. The musical must have a “spectacle” meaning they take two extra skills and incorporate them to show the team’s interest skills, areas of strengths and talents. They must design and integrate a set change into the musical, too. The team consists of Nick Adams, Rowan Kortlandt, Mattalyn Slotman, Kaden Laws, Taylor Klimp and Molly Parish. Terry Webber and Jamie Siegler.


The entire skit is about 8 minutes long. They have been practicing two days a week since the late fall. Destination Imagination is built to challenge students in creative and critical thinking with STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - but with the soft skills needed for success like communication, teamwork and problem-solving.


DI is in 45 states and 30 countries. You can learn more at


If you'd like to donate to the Alamo DI Team to help them fund their trip to Globals, click the Donate button below!



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