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Virtual Tour of our Constitution

Virtual reality is a technology that allows students to go where they never thought they could in a classroom. Instead of just looking at a photo, virtual reality puts students in a location where they can look around and explore.

That’s exactly what Mrs. Breese’s 5th grade students did for to mark Constitution Day. With Google Cardboard, students were transported to Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the Constitution was debated, drafted and signed.

Google Cardboard is a casing that goes around a smart phone. With a free app, you can choose several different virtual reality experiences. From riding roller coasters to exploring the national parks to learning about historical locations and events. Students used one called The United States Constitution which took them around Independence Hall and pointed out significant symbols, items and room locations that related back to the Constitution. Students then took a quiz on what they learned.

“I look at something like this and think that many of these students might not ever visit Independence Hall so this is a way to bring that world into the classroom,” says Mrs. Breese.

The kids thought it was really “cool” that they could actually feel like they’re in a different location learning about history. It’s a much different experience then seeing a picture in a book.

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