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2nd graders Prepare with Pedro

Second grade students spent time in this new year learning how to stay safe in a variety of emergency situations. This is a virtual training program through the Red Cross called Prepare with Pedro. This one is specially designed for grades K-2; there is another program for 3rd-5th graders called Pillowcase Project.

The goal is for kids to learn about emergency preparedness and to understand that that knowledge can help keep them and their families safe when emergencies happen.

This was a virtual presentation led by Jenna Otten, a State AmeriCorps Service Member. Each student logged in on their own computer in class to cover three areas: Learn, Practice and Share. They learned basic information about an emergency that is most likely to happen where they live. They also learn key ways to protect themselves and protective actions to take. For practice, they give students the opportunity to participate in the physical activity that reinforces what they learned. Finally, they encourage students to share what they learned.

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