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Remembering 9/11

In honor of those who fought, survived, and shared their bravery with the world, Dix Street Elementary 4th graders wrote letters of appreciation to the men and women at the Otsego Police and Fire Departments. 

It was the culmination of several activities and lessons about the 9/11 terrorist attacks that happened 19 years ago. They watched a video to learn about the attacks and also read the book "September 12th: We Knew Everything Would be Alright". Then, students each wrote a thank you letter.

“This is a piece of history that cannot go unnoticed. Teaching the students in a way that allows them to see how our country was affected provides them with an understanding of what happened on this day,” says 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Phillips.

Many of the student's letters focused on how grateful they are for our brave firefighters and police officers. Student McKenna Wesseldyk wrote, "You are saving lives everyday; you’re so selfless and kind". The letters will be delivered this weekend.

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