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Thank You, Veterans

Almost everyone in Mrs. Senn’s social studies class raised their hand when asked if they knew of anyone who was, or had been, in the military. What they didn't necessarily know, though, is that not everyone in the military gets messages from home.

Braden and Leah Stout, a 5th and 1st grader at Dix Street Elementary, have two cousins serving right now. Their cousin Alexis is in the Air National Guard as a Certified EMT and her sister Mikenzie is in Medical Management for the Air Force. They are both stationed in Houston but Mikenzie will deploy to Japan in December. The sisters have shared with their family that a number of their fellow soldiers don’t ever receive mail.

Braden and Leah’s mom reached out to see if their grades would want to help. Both Braden and Leah's grades jumped on board and have spent time creating Thank You cards in time for Veterans Day. “They’ll go to people who might not get any cards from anyone,” Braden explained.

The cards will be sent to their cousins who will hand them out to others when they see them feeling down, lonely or going through a difficult time. The students have enjoyed making the cards and Braden thinks those who receive them will really like them. "It's nice," he adds of everyone taking part in this effort.


The 5th graders decorated traditional cards while the 1st graders decorated heart-shaped cards.

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