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Making their Mark with a Mural

A new show came to Dix Street in the 2018-19 school year, it was the M & M show. Principal Mark Rollandini and Social Worker Michael Pavona teamed up to deliver assemblies that focused on social skills and character. They would hold assemblies for K-2nd grade all together, then 3rd-5th grade together. Just in itself, it was a good team-building activity for so many kids to be together at the same time hearing the same lesson, but they took it a step further to end the year. 
An artist himself, Mr. Pavona organized a mural painting. Every classroom had a section of a giant white board, which was about 4x8 feet. Then each student got to add whatever they wanted to it. It's a small mark, with a big impact. "Simply stated, the project was an exercise to strengthen the school community by working together to achieve a common goal," Pavona says. 
The mural will hang at the end of one of the hallways and be up for the start of the year.
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