The "OPS Connection" highlights the accomplishments and projects within the OPS school district and notices or information. The newsletter was renamed "OPS Connection" in 2011 to highlight our commitment to community and those around us and the District's Vision Statement: "Linking Students to the World." It has recurring features to give you a more in-depth look at the projects, achievements and updates at Otsego schools such as Tech Talk, "Spotlight On..." and the "Community Connection."

   The newsletter comes out quarterly: August, November, March and June.

   Our circulation is 8,300, with more than half of our recipients receiving them as an insert in the Shoppers Guide. There are additional links and information in the online version. Just click on the issues below.

   If you do not receive the "OPS Connection" in the mail and would like to, send your request to Holly McCaw at hmccaw@otsegops.org. Copies are also available in each of our school building offices, City Hall, the Otsego District Library, Chamber of Commerce, Otsego Twp. Hall, Alamo Twp. Hall and Oshtemo Twp. Hall.   

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